Professor Izumi Sakamoto is a former Fulbright Scholar, a Michigan Society of Fellows Associate Fellow, and a “Community of Scholars” Fellow of the Institute of Research on Women and Gender at the University of Michigan. Dr. Sakamoto’s training and practice span North America and Japan, and she brings interdisciplinary perspectives from social work, social psychology, and cultural psychology.

Dr. Sakamoto’s current program of research focuses on the areas of immigration, homelessness, and empowerment and anti-oppressive practice.  Dr. Sakamoto is currently conducting a program of research on the experiences of Chinese and South Asian skilled immigrants, exploring the negotiation of multiple identities, equity and access to social services, and the reconceptualization of “acculturation” and “integration.”  This work builds on and extends her earlier arts-based research project with community partners, Coming Together: Homeless Women, Housing and Social Support, which focused on the family-like social networks of women and transwomen who are homeless, paying special attention to the experiences of Aboriginal women and women of colour.

(via Izumi Sakamoto)

(via Izumi Sakamoto)

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