Despite Canada’s reputation as a “multicultural”country, there are profound inequalities among Canadians, as well as between Canadians and Aboriginal Peoples. Our new and innovative Race, Ethnicity and Indigeneity (REI) program - the only one of its kind in Canada - challenges these inequalities by examining how they thrive in our everyday experiences and addressing how they are promoted by Canadian governments and institutions.

Indigenous Studies examines the challenges Indigenous Peoples face globally including efforts to occupy and seize their lands for resource development, and policies designed to destroy them through forced assimilation, genocide, and the destruction of cultural knowledge.

Diaspora Studies addresses the social processes involved in the formation of diasporic communities - groups of individuals geographically scattered for a variety of reasons including war, poverty, enslavement, genocide, political persecution, re-unification of families, and the pursuit of economic and educational opportunities. State and civil practices that marginalize/disadvantage these communities will be examined.

Globalization and Migration Studies focuses on contemporary global capitalism. This field addresses transnationalism - analyzing the boundaries between nation states - and the migration of people as a result of globalization.

All three streams emphasize that people organize and challenge forms of oppression.

York University | School of Social Science | Race, Ethnicity and Indigeneity

I wish they had had this when I had done my undergrad. New generations going to York University should try this field out, or at the very least, take a course within this program.